Manufacturing highest quality products that comply with our customers’ standards by taking advantage of technologies that have a limited negative influence on the environment is the most important goal of Stalfa Spółka z o. o.

The company’s policy is realized with regard to the aims of the Integrated Management System listed below: 

  1. manufacturing high quality products by taking advantage of the latest technologies
  2. perfecting the currently applied technologies and introducing new ones in order to improve efficiency and the level of utilization of materials and energy
  3. competently organizing production to ensure high quality of products and the customer’s satisfaction
  4. engaging the company’s employees into activities that lead to enhancing quality of products and reducing negative influence on the environment
  5. systematically raising employees’ qualifications which allows to comply with high customers’ expectations
  6. constantly verifying qualification procedures imposed on our suppliers and contractors in order to obtain high quality services and products
  7. examining reasons for complaints and incompatibilities and applying methods of eliminating their sources
  8. involving the managing board and the employees into perfecting management systems

The enacted, approved and announced Quality Policy obliges all the employees to fulfil the set goals and tasks, meet the requirements and constantly improve management systems in a purposeful manner. The above obligations are achieved through implementing Quality System that complies with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and Environmental Management System PN-EN ISO 14001:2004.