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08-300 Sokołów Podlaski
Oleksiak Wichury Street 2
tel. +48 25 787 38 00-02

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At StalFa, we care about the protection of natural environment as much as about supplying high quality products to our customers. Therefore we undertake numerous pro-environmental actions. Our certified ISO 14001:2004 system of environmental management is a credible evidence of our ecological involvement. Furthermore, we develop the ecological awareness of our staff while also encouraging our contractors, vendors and customers to accept and reasonable rules of operation which can help protect the envoronment.

For this purpose, StalFa has recently joined the „Ochrona Pustułki” (English: „The Common Kestrel Protection”) project to protect the common kestrels, which have nested during their breeding time on one the company’s chimneys. The common kestrel (Latin: Falco Tinnunculus ) is a small bird of prey belonging to the falcon family and has been included in the list of endangered species.

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